Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weekly photo - slow shutter

Slow shutter was the theme this week and as I found myself in Fowey Thurs evening I had a go with slow shutter blurring movement and this is what I got.

A small boat coming into the harbour,

followed by the gig rowers returning from a training session.

It was a stunning evening with the sun going down but the sunset didn't really come together as expected and there were way too many people walking around to get any nice shots of the narrow streets lit up, hence I settled for these images.  I like the last two best because of the lighting on the houses and the fact that you can still make out the shapes of the rowers.


  1. these are great Karen,i struggle when i try these type of shots, i always manage to get a blurry background too. I'll practice this week to play catch up xx

  2. Karen, these photo's are stunning! The only thing I'm likely to take a photo of is my son on his scooter!! LOL

  3. Karen, they're cute.. did chat about it with JB last evening (super sunset here btw) but as I use her old digi I don't think I was up to it.. but will post something if I do!

  4. brilliant as usual karen. i attempted this in my class, but no results good enough to share :0(

  5. brilliant as usual karen. i tried this, but not good enough to share :0(


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