Wednesday, 27 July 2011

And finally....

street photography - well not strictly street, more sort of beach photography, taken the other night whilst Mick was fishing.  Street Photography is something I like to look at but not good at taking, be it due to shyness, lack of confidence or just not feeling 100% comfortable with  taking pictures of people going about their everyday lives minding their own business, intruding on their privacy.  I would love to be able to do it, I even went into town armed with my camera this morning with the intention of doing it but bottled out at the last minute and did some retail therapy instead "lol".  I tend to think how would I feel/react if some stranger started taking photos of me or my girls.  I know I wouldn't be too impressed so maybe that is why I don't do it or make more of an effort, maybe some would say I'm not committed enough!! Who knows, maybe on holiday I shall try and sneak a few in .... lots of maybe's in this post!!  Anyway here is my image.

 So I am now up to date "yeah" ... and this week's theme is wildlife - once again late in announcing it but it has been a busy week so far and I am meant to be on holiday after all!!

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