Monday, 27 June 2011

Weekly photo - shadows

Here I am a day late - basically I just ran out of time yesterday - or maybe I was just trying to fit too much into a 24hr slot!!  Anyway shadows was last week's theme and I have really enjoyed looking for them even if I haven't photographed all of them, but I can see it is a theme I shall carry on with.  So here are my offerings, they vary from patterns on the ground like the two below....

to obvious shadows with the cause of them being shown as well......

to an unflattering shadow of me - that is a shoulder bag sticking out of my back!!

to Amanda playing around as usual during an evening stroll on the beach to collect seaweed for work

Kathi joined us this week as well, her photos can be see here 

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  1. These are lovely Karen, love the one of amanda xx


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