Saturday, 4 June 2011

....the half term that was....

and it went so quick as always :(  It turned into a very busy week catching up with a couple of good friends who I haven't seen for awhile - good chat and lovely food - makes me realise how lucky I am to have good friends - thank you :)  I was asked to take some pics of a ladies dog during the week, bless him, he is 14 and didn't really want to do anything but sleep, so that is what he did!!!!!  Cruelly I did give him a gentle poke to see if he would wake up and managed a few photos.  I think the tongue says it all really :)

Mick is on the ferry and on his way back from his trip of France and Italy - so it will all be back to normal here tomorrow.  He has had a great time and has promised to take me next time.... yesssss!!!

As both girls were off work today we decided to go for a ride on the Bissoe Trail  we haven't been there for years and I mean years.  Anyway we picked one of the hottest days we have had this year to do it - possibly mistake number one!  we set off and surprisingly we missed the signpost to Portreath which is where we were heading (those that know us will know that is not surprisingly - mistake number two and found ourselves on the roads and lanes of Cornwall and for those that don't know them - they are NOT flat like the path we were meant to be on is!  So after two and a half hours of cycling we all agreed that we could not go any further as our bottoms were too painful and it wasn't fun anymore so we turned round and headed back.  That turned out to be fun as it was nearly all down hill and I managed to do my Butch Cassidy impression much to the girls bewilderment and my delight!!  Oh we had to stop for the odd photo as you do :)

We actually had a great time and will head back another day - a cooler one - and follow the correct route this time.  Thanks girls for a great day.x


  1. lol! that's the kind of thing that would happen to us. Great photos and awww lovey pooch x

  2. was definitely good to catch up Karen.. mental note..we will do that more often..xx


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