Sunday, 12 June 2011

Celebrating - at last....

During half term I was asked by a lady in the village who makes Chutneys and Relishes if I would be interested in doing some photography work for her for her new website and brochures - naturally I jumped at it - all be it a rather nervous jump - hoping I could delivery what she wanted.  Anyway last weekend I delivered a disc with the first set of images on and then waited nervously for the respond - I got it Friday evening via an urgent request for more images asap for a promotional leaflet she is having printed as she liked my first set so much. So all weekend I have been walking around grinning like a cheshire cat as well as taking pics of Beetroot Relish  here is one of them

I used my 90mm lens (which I am so in love with at the mo) AV mode and f2.8 to ensure the background was blurred so that the eye would focus on the relish.  Not a fan of beetroot but I have been informed it is delicious/
This following image was one of the first ones - just a jar on a white background for the website.

Once again using the 90mm lens, AV mode on f4 this time as I wanted more of the jar in focus but still no background.  I am such a happy teddy so off for a glass of wine to celebrate.


  1. No wonder you are happy with your 90mm lens, the images are perfect. Like the shallow dof with the beetroot. Just for the record I love love beetroot!! xxx


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