Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where did they go !!

Oh dear, whilst playing around with my blog I seem to have lost my 'followers' - any ideas anyone??


  1. Hi.. I think you have to log in, go to account, then dashboard or design. Then it may be a gadget..may be?
    If you really get lost with it, shout me later and I'll open mine and we can walk through it!
    Bet it'll turn up! Hey, did you have good day with Yvonne and did she give you the vouchers? K xx

  2. I been there and looked at that and there is no one on there :(
    Great day with Yvonne, doing a day with Mandy next week. Yep got the vouchers - thank you very much xx

  3. There on there now Karen xx

  4. well they were, they've disappeared again!

  5. I just followed you again..:)

  6. Thank you Noreen, they seem to be back now !!


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