Sunday, 10 April 2011

Signs of Spring

I think we can definitely say spring is here now.  Having spent most of the day out walking coastal paths I have been amazed at all the new growth that has suddenly erupted all over the place.  The blackthorn trees are looking stunning at the moment, they are like a white blanket across the cliffs as well as violets creating a carpet of colour. 

Buds galore,

Back in the garden another of the many tulip bulbs I planted has decided to open up ..... I love it, this really has to be my favourite one so far, hopefully get some more photos of them tomorrow.


  1. great photos again Karen, i love the first one, but that tulip is gorgeous xx

  2. amazing's nice to see more blooms on your end especially because on our end, it's almost gone!

  3. Lovely capture I just love blossoms!


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