Sunday, 20 March 2011

Weekly photo

Surprise surprise I failed again with this week's photo challenge. Glad to add that so did Louise, so I don't feel so bad now :).  We were doing 'deliberate blur' and I just never got there.  Admittedly I have taken lots of photos this week, but didn't think about trying to make them blurry.  Well the birthday's are over for another year, both Bernadette and Mick are happy and a year older.  Having managed to get through the week without spilling the beans re Mick's surprise party last night I have decided never to do that again, and don't recommend it, especially if you are use to discussing everything with your other half.  Thankfully due to fantastic daughters, friends and in laws we managed to keep it from him and even when everyone arrived here he still wasn't sure what was happening  'lol'.  Still a good night was had by all.

Went for a lovely walk along the coast path from Hell's Mouth to Godrevy Lighthouse on Sat, here are some of the images I took.

looking towards Hell's Mouth and Portreath in the distance.

 Godrevy Lighthouse - like so many these days not manned any more,

and the last one, this was the sight that greeted us when we peered over the cliff,

more seals, though they look dead they are definitely alive and beautiful.


  1. fantastic photos Karen, you are so lucky to live in such a pretty place xx

  2. You know me Karen, a sucker for the sea..I should be ashamed I am only familiar with a small stretch, should aim to walk more of the coast path.. perhaps you and me one day?


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