Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekly photo

This week we were having a go at motion blur - even though this week hasn't stopped I didn't capture too much 'motion blur' more like motion fatigue!  Having dipped out last week I was determined to get something this week.  I decided to try and capture the daffs blowing in the wind this morning, but by the time I actually managed to get out there the wind had dropped at the front.  So it was back to the good old house work to save the day - the washing line, not the greatest example but it has been so beautiful and sunny here today any shutter speed other than very fast comes out totally over exposed.

I was also on catch up this week from the previous week which was macro, so here are a couple I took today.


Tulip, by the time I got out there the petal had opened wide exposing the centre.


  1. This is great Karen, I never even thought of the washing line x

  2. Mmm, good idea Karen..but flowers and animals are definitely your forte, always lovely. x


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