Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photo a week

This week we were hoping to capture some colour in our photos - and if the weather where you are has been anything like it has here then we have been tested.  Louise has been creative and not only got colour but action as well - have a look here . Having been on half term this week I have had fun getting out and about with my trusted friend - my camera - must give it a nickname - any suggestions? - I digress - anyway on Thursday Bernadette and I went to Looe as she needed photos for her art work, so off we went and it was a lovely day a good old trip down memory lane for both of us -(we use to live just outside Looe when we first came to Cornwall), strolling along by the fish market it still looked the same though we didn't see Nelson the one eyed seal - not sure if he is still alive or not!  The half term holiday makers wrapped up to keep warm, the children hanging over the harbour wall crabbing - (done that a few hundred times), the families on the beach building sandcastles.  Funny how I thought Looe was looking alittle tired but I know in a couple of months time it will be full steam ahead and the place will be looking good and ready to welcome all the holiday makers for another year.  So did I manage to find any colour in Looe - well thanks to holiday town traders I did and here they are.  The sight even made me feel alittle summery and looking forward to some sunshine.

Today Mick and I went for a stroll around Mevagissey - once again in search of pictures for Bernadette's art work (she was lying in bed full of flu!!)  so as you can imagine it was a real hardship for me to do this for her .... but I did.  Love Mevagissey and the sun shone for all of five minutes at half hourly intervals so I did manage this image as well.
Some buoys tied up on one of the boats, though Mick has just informed me they are also known as 'buffs' if you are in the know!!! 


  1. oh Karen it sounded better the other way around lol!!!

    Brilliant photos, lots of colour, i particulary like the buoys, and the buckets show that the weather is going to improve soon xx

  2. Hey, whenever I scroll down through your entries these images jump out at me, they are so lovely, really lifting and make me look forward to summer and a Newlyn ice-cream!


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