Sunday, 13 February 2011

Photo a week - not!

Unfortunately my photo a week didn't happen this week, (if you read my previous post you will know why). Just have to say on the subject of Sammy, it wasn't until yesterday morning when I was taking Mick a cup of coffee that I realised how some conversations or chat had become such a routine in our life and suddenly that routine no longer existed because he wasn't there to have the conversation about!  That probably doesn't make much sense to someone reading this, but it certainly made me stop and think about all the things we do automatically throughout our day and are probably unaware of half of them until you stop doing them or saying them.
Anyway back to photo a week, Louise has done a fantastic job of capturing some leading lines in her photos .  love those black and white ones.  This week we are focusing on angles in our environment as apose to camera angles. 
If anyone else reading this blog fancies joining us you are more than welcome to, just let us know so we can share them with each other. 
So I am playing catch up this week, as well as a possible visit from Ofsted at work - they are in the school but haven't said if they are coming to visit us or not!!  Hope they do, then it will all be over and done with.  So with all that it should keep my mine nicely occupied!

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  1. Awww Karen you've had enough to contend with this week xxx thinking of you all xxx


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