Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another week gone..

.. and what a hectic one it has been.  Ofsted did drop in on Tuesday un-annoucned as they do and spent the morning with us which was very pleasant even when a couple of children managed to splatter the lead inspector in shaving foam, which we all found funny - thankfully. Our outcome will be announced in 15days time from Tues.

This week Louise and I were taking photos of angles within our environment.  Here is what I came up with can you guess what the first two are? I obviously forgot we had moved on from abstracts.

These two are pictures of the graveyard wall, maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I love the curve on the wall, the stonework and the gates and how well it is maintained.

 Personally I like this photo the best due to the angle I took it at.


  1. i wondered if angles would turn out abstract..y. The grave yard wall is a great photo, i like the angle of your last one too!

    sorry i didn't get around to doing this one, i'll be playing catch up this week xx

  2. Thanks Louise, I'm still playing catch up from leading lines.

  3. ..hi Karen.. hope you're doing okay.. wondering if these are old pics or you really are getting out and about a lot! Like the last one best too!
    Catch up soon..K xxx

  4. Hi Kathi, these were taken yesterday cheeky!! :)


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