Sunday, 16 January 2011

January's photo

Well here is Januay's photo of my back yard - that sounds so good, wish it was mine. The rain did stop for a while and the light looked lovely, so I popped out and took this one.

And as I promised some more seal photos from yesterday's walk,  here are a couple.

Still haven't looked up what kind they are, so if anyone reading this does know would you mind leaving me a comment and telling me :)  Thank you.


  1. Hey, it looks almost Spring-like! Gives us all hope that it's just around the corner..have a good week.. and as they say in the Nike ad.. Just Do It! x

  2. Mmm my thoughts exactly Kathi. Thanks, x

  3. I agree, i thought it looked like Spring may be upon us! At least you had some sun today. The seal photos are great xx

  4. Just catching up with everyones blogs. Wow there are some great photos on yours Karen. Love the seals and the one of your dog is so lovely. Its great to see everyone being so positive and productive
    Love and Hugs


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