Sunday, 2 January 2011

First post...

Already the second day of the year - I had hope to post yesterday and think about my plans for 2011 as it was we had a birthday party here for Mick's mum and I never got near the computer, it was a fantastic day, the whole family was here for her and she was in her element, she went home with a huge smile on her face which is what we had hope to achieve and we did.

I realised this morning that I hadn't posted my image for Dec last month so here it is alittle late.

Normally I am itching to take all the decorations down and get back to normal, but I'm just not in a rush this year, maybe it is because it has been such a busy period, though very enjoyable or maybe because I know there are going to be some changes this new year and I'm putting off the start of them, or maybe I just don't want life to go back to normal!  Who knows.

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  1. Hey Karen, great to see you posting a good few things lately.. and such luck to have a snowy picture of the ever changing scene thro' the year.
    Glad the party was full of good memories, good to stock up on these at this time of year. looking forward to hearing of your 'changes'??
    catch you soon Kathi xxx
    PS I'm sure I posted a comment this morning?!


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