Monday, 6 December 2010


Week four of the photo challenge was buildings, concentrating on compostition, exposure and good tones. Louise's images can be seen here, do take a look, I think they are both very well seen and taken. Here are my attempts I couldn't decide which was my favourite so I have put four up - funny how we both picked a place of worship without realising.

Truro Cathedral

 Front view of the Cathedral

The old Coinage Hall in Truro, which is now a Pizza Express on the bottom and tea rooms on the top, both of which are very nice.

Last week was a very funny old week, I took the girls up to London for three days, to look around Uni's for Bernadette and do a bit of Christmas shopping.  Thankfully the uni's fell through, but the Christmas shopping was good, especially as it snowed most of the time.  We met up with my nephew and his girlfriend and we all went to see the Lion King which is just amazing.  I found the whole experience unsettling, realising just how much I miss it all and how easy I found it to slip back into the life style in such a short timescale.... or maybe it was just all the sights, sounds and smells that brought back so many memories ...... either way it is taking me awhile to re-adjust to being back in Cornwall! 

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  1. Fantastic Karen. My fave is photo No. 2... the pic has a rather dramatic feel about it. It must be the angle of the shot against the cloudy sky and being landscape you see more of the beautiful building too.

    I feel the same way when we've been to visit in London!! Takes me a while to settle back into the country life again xx


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