Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's nearly Christmas..

Yet another busy week at work with the children's Christmas show and  Christmas party including a visit from the man himself - Father Christmas.   I do believe we have sent the children home suitably excited about Christmas and full of energy and mischief - which is more than can be said for the staff!!  It has also been a week of Christmas do's for me, each has been very enjoyable with good food and good company - what more could one ask for ???  Oh another one tomorrow night!! 

The theme for this week's photo challenge was Christmas lights, which should not have been difficult as our village is looking stunning as always this time of year - but needless to say I have not yet been out with the camera, too many nights out socialising (a rareity I hasten to add) and the rather cold  freezing weather has put me off - so far, but I will get some this week - a promise to myself. So instead of venturing out I settled for the Christmas tree.  Louise was braver than me she has ventured out - well almost!!

Admittedly they aren't Christmas lights as such, but they reflect Christmas past and present to me, the first photo of the baubles shows one that use to be on our tree when I was a little girl.  The second photo is of one that we have bought for the girls over the years.  We use to buy them a new one each every year, that has only just stopped this last two years!  The last photo is of the fairy that mum put on the tree every year and now every year when I open the box and see her there it takes me back to my childhood christmases.  Originally she had a lovely lacy dress but that has been replaced a number of times over the years - I mean we are talking over 50 years old here (she was around before me!!)  After all Christmas is a time to remember.  I'm sure my friend Kathi will appreciate this post as she is the nostalgia queen.

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  1. Hey Karen.. proud of you! Those pictures certainly look like they'll be heading for your range of cards for next year!
    Ross came to Candle lit Carols at St Levan last night, weather was kind to us..not so sure about the rest of the week though!
    Keep posting! Kathi xx


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