Sunday, 21 November 2010

Water Play

The theme for  week two of the 52 photos was rain/water and although Cornwall had plenty of rain this week I didn't see any - having seen the devastation it has caused I'm glad I didn't.  So I had to settle for playing with water inside.  I had a white dish with water in it and poured some water from a jug into the dish whilst using the remote cable to fire the camera, then I used a small syringe to drop the water into the dish.  The difficult part was focusing the lens on the point where the water was going to drop!!  Anyway this is what I came up with.

Now if I want to be really picky these are not technically correct as the focus is soft but personally I really like it as to me it looks like a pearl on a bed of satin.  As I have mentioned before I am doing a course in photoshop (beginners) and have to confess to enjoying it.  So I had a very basic play with this image, this one is straight out of the camera nothing done to it.

 This is the same image, with just a true white picked out.

and the same image again with auto levels applied to it

The affects fascinate me.  Here is the second image I chose out of the ones I took.


Auto levels applied.  Initially the first image was my favourite, but I think this one is taking over.  I really enjoyed taking these but soon realise that I need three pairs of hands to achieve the perfect image... so more play is needed I feel.

The theme for week three is Moonlight - that is using the moon as the only source of light - but if this is not possible then an image of the moon will do.  So true to form the moon is hiding behind clouds tonight!!  Still we have a week.


  1. Karen, what can i say...these are amazing photos!! I don't think i'll bother doing mine now lol!!
    I think my fav pic is the single droplet...i think...but like you i keep going back to the second one. The effects, i love the auto levels ones!

  2. Hey pics are great. Hope you are ok, I saw your post on our blog. If you need a coffee or a hug let me know

  3. Great photos, so many different effects! Lovely! xx


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