Saturday, 30 October 2010


The other week a lady came to camera club to give a talk about her work as an art teacher, the way she uses photography and how the subjects cross over and interact.  During her talk she told us how she had started taking a photo of a tree at Derriford hosp each month to see the changes.  She now swaps that photo with a research worker in the artic.  I really liked this idea and fancied having a go.  So a quick email to my cousin's daughter in Australia and we are set up to do a photo a month of our chosen place for a year starting this month.  It would appear we are both as bad as each other in trying to decide on a location, I have chosen many and photographed them - then at the final hour as I was about to click send with the first photo I changed my mind again and settled for the view that greets me every morning and one that I see the changes but don't appreciate them fully.  So here is my first of twelve images of my chosen view - My back yard!

It wasn't the best morning and it is sooc as that is what I want for this project - just as it is/was at the time of taking.  The picture below is the same scene (slightly different angle) taken a couple of hours earlier before I changed my mind!!


  1. Will you share your Australian pics as well?
    Funny how the view from our window isn't always the one we bring to mind.. we have two trees a field away which always grab my attention.. you coold have started something here!

  2. I was hoping to just want to check with Karen (yep called Karen as well :) ) first that she doesn't mind. x

  3. Hi Karen ..What a great idea ... I've decided that next year i'm going to look into doing a course in Photography . Its something that i have wanted to do for many , many years but i need to learn how to take a photo correctly and what is what on a camera , all be it a digi one at the moment . I shall be saving my pennies next year so that i can purchase a better camera . I loved the 2 different versions of the photo ..brilliant ..hugs Melita xx

  4. Wow Karen, quite a view you have from your backyard!! I'll look forward to seeing your monthly photos xx


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