Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ducata - I believe.

Back in the summer I bought a plant in the sale section in the local garden centre, the leaves had been eaten by slugs and there were not flowers or buds on it, but the picture on the label looked stunning.  So I spent £6.50 on a dying plant - much to my mother in laws amusment at the time.  I brought it home, put it in the greenhouse and gave it a good drink.  Within a week it had buds on it and it has not stopped flowering since and they are stunning, I have never seen anything like them before.  They only last a day or two but open in stages.  Her is the first stage (well what I call the first stage anyway).

The next stage is when the petal that form the star in the middle open out.


  1. I do love sale plants and this on is a stunner xx

  2. It was well worth the purchase,just shows what a little TLC can do... xx


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