Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Last day of August

Well that is August over and done with, so quick as well.  I always remember my mum saying "time flys" and  I couldn't see what she meant so decided it must be an age thing, now I know exactly what she meant, so either my understanding has improved or I've reached that age!!  Sorry to say I think it is the latter.

We had a lovely two weeks in Bulgaria, very, very hot, very relaxing, lots of time to think and talk about life and plans etc, so we have returned refreshed with a different outlook on our life and new intentions.

Sat night a friend and I went to the Eden Project for a photo exhibition by the very talented Sue Earnshaw http://sueearnshaw.co.uk/blog/  some wonderful photographs.  The evening was also a fundraising event for 'Tanya's Trust', I didn't know much, well nothing actually about the charity before hand, but listening to Tanya's mum telling us about Tanya (who lost her 20 month fight against leukimenia at the age of 17) made me very thankful that I have two healthy daughters, one who is 17.  It also put my aches and pains into perspective. I so admire people like Tanya's mum who go on and help others when they have lost so much.  The trust was set up to help others of a similar age group to Tanya to give them support and courage to deal with what lies ahead of them.  A very worthy cause.

As you can imagine I have lots of photos from our holiday, which I am ashamed to say I haven't had chance to go through them properly yet, but that is this week's job, oh as well as going back to work, but we won't talk about that just yet!

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