Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sooo adorable...

Spent a wonderful time during half term photographing all sorts, finally getting around to going through the images and thought I would show you some.  The first is of a minature Shetland Pony colt, (can't remember how old this one is but not very old).  They are so tiny and adorable, very friendly and curious - they found my camera bag very edible!! 

I put the next one in to try and show their size, not the most flattering photo of Amanda but she was in her element so we don't worry about things like bra straps!!!

Here's looking at you!!

This is a very rare breed of goat, but unfortunately I can't remember what they are called.  Very impressive looking though, I just liked this one as he was getting closer and closer and I was wondering if I should stand up or stay sitting as I was.  Thankfully he didn't attack me :)

The next one I couldn't resist showing you.  A friend has some pigs and said about photographing them, they weren't the most co-operative I have to say, but the antics with the horses in the field next to them was hilarious.  The horse kept biting the pigs tail and would lift the pig up by it's tail, lots of squealing from the pig until the horse let go. The owner didn't know about this little game until I mentioned it!! OOps, she laughed as much as I did.


  1. Fabulous photos Karen, poor littly piggy lol! xx


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