Monday, 1 March 2010

Meet Freedom

Spent a lovely afternoon at the Screech Owl Sanctuary yesterday a very friendly place and a nice group of people.  The afternoon was an organised bird of prey photo shoot, never been on one of these before so a new venture for me, one I thoroughly enjoyed but left me with feelings of guilt towards the birds put there for the likes of me to point a camera lens in their face all for the sake of a 'natural looking wildlife photo'!!  Brings up the whole debat on animals in captivativity...... hmm.
Anyway here is one of the photos I took, this is a Little Owl and she is little, so cute and adorable, her name is Freedom and she is 15 years old.


Maybe not the best I took but I really like this one - pretty 'natural  looking' I think. More will follow. Oh and just so you know - my mojo has returned, spent the evening standing on the balcony photographing the stars and the landscape in the moonlight!!!  Now how sad is that eh??


  1. Not sad at all.. I'm at last getting to the age where I feel sorry for the rest of our families having to live thro' all our mojos and lack / overflow of them!
    Have a good week, weathers fine, pics are great, it could be spring! xx

  2. Beautiful photo Karen, and glad your mojo has returned! xx

  3. Fantastic shots of the owls Karen....sounds like you enjoyed your photshoot. Will we be seeing the photos you took on the balcony???


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