Friday, 5 February 2010

New Month

Ok where did January go????  I must have blinked that is all I can say. 

So here we are five days into February and I haven't even posted what my theme for this month is going to be - shame on me!!  Well it is another of my favourite techniques, which needs to be mastered on my part and that is low light photography and slow shutter speeds.  I just love low light images, something special about them.  Last weekend brought a full moon, so there I was with my extremely understanding husband down on Towan Beach, in the bitter cold photographing the moon reflecting on the sea and star trails!!!!!!  As it was my first attempt I was pleased with the results but they are by no means brilliant - I have along way to go before I feel confident in this area.

I'll show you a couple that were taken a minute apart at 7.40pm, the first had a 6 sec shutter and the second 20 secs.



I find it hard to believe the second one was taken at night. The moon and its reflection are
 burnt out. The little white dots are stars - not marks on my lens - (well I don't think they are anyway!)

This next image is one of my first attempts at star trails.  I will try this again but not with a full moon.


The shutter speed on this was 69 secs.  I actually like this image, probably because of the shades of blue.
Anyway hope you enjoy. 


  1. Fantastic night shots Karen. I haven't tried night shots yet, but might have to have a go i love the effects you got.

  2. Lovely...wish I could add 'proper' photography to my list of hobbies, but until then I'm happy to admire and enjoy the great pics my friends take!

  3. What beautiful pictures of the night sky ..I would love to be able to take photos like this , but for the moment will just have to dream on ! and hugs Melita xx


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