Saturday, 2 January 2010

Still playing...

45) Woke up to a very heavy frost so after setting up the camera in time for birds breakfast I had a play with my macro lens and was really pleased with this shot.  It made me think about the book I was given for Christmas which is full of images of snow flakes taken via a microscope.

44) We are lucky enough to have woodpeckers in the garden but they hate having their photo taken ..... until now that is, here is one I took yesterday.

43) Last for today, think I need to reposition the camera for this shot or ask the birds to sit more to the middle of the holly branch in future.


  1. Beautiful snowy photo, and great to get a snap of a woodpecker too! xx

  2. all three are amazing but that frost one is awesome

  3. Lovely! U Bill says you have a certain style..x
    I told Jordan about the wireless remote and she said 'I want one of those!'..x


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